What is Coconut Oil Used For

Lately, a lot of excitement has come up about coconut oil. Countless claims are being made that it is nothing short of a miracle. Well it’s not a cure-all, and what works for other people may not function for you, but it is great to have around. Through a bit of resourcefulness and creativity, you will find hundreds of everyday uses for coconut oil. Below is a list of what is coconut oil used for in our daily lives.

1. Weight Loss coconut oil lose weight tips.
If coconut oil is used as a substitute for other fats, it can help you lose the pounds by taking the place of the other calories. Coconut oil has a different molecular structure from the common long chain saturated fatty acids you use in cooking. This means that it does not get stored as fat as easily. Instead, it is led straight to the liver where it’s metabolized giving you an instant boost in energy. This is what is coconut oil used for in losing weight. How do you speed up your metabolism? Having more energy helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Additionally, coconut oil is an appetite suppressant. If you are craving some sweet juicy snack take a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, and that feeling will not last long.

2. Skin: Benefits of coconut oil for skin

Two main things are present on your skin to keep it supple but firm. These are elastin and collagen. Elastin allows your skin to stretch (flexible) while collagen maintains the firmness. The production of the two substances slows down as we age thus the appearance of wrinkles. So, what is coconut oil used for to benefit your skin? Coconut oil has natural active components that increase the cross-linking of collagen and elastin. If applied onto the skin, it will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.
Coconut oil moisturizes your skin leaving a healing refreshing feel. How do you use coconut oil to achieve a radiant skin tone? The trick is to apply in small amounts. It dries in a short while giving you a graceful, beautiful look. You can replace your regular lotions with it. These are a few benefits of coconut oil for skin.

3. Hair

coconut oil for hair
What is coconut oil used for in hair circles? Coconut oil has numerous uses for your hair. It can be used as a conditioner to smoothen the rebellious ends of hair. Apply it on the whole scalp for deep conditioning. It will prevent breakage of hair. Another use for hair is moisturizing the scalp to avoid the flaky white look on your head giving you nourished, healthy hair and scalp.
Moreover, when your hair tangles, dampen it sufficiently and massage it with coconut oil. Let this rest for three minutes and then comb it from the bottom to the ends to get rid of the tangles.

4 . Healthy heart: coconut oil and cholesterol.
Coconut oil can lower Cholesterol and reduce the risk of suffering heart diseases. Cholesterol is found in your cells helping your body continually build more vital cells. It goes through your bloodstream attached to proteins known as lipoproteins. These are high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and low-density lipoproteins (LDL). HDL is the “good” cholesterol that lowers LDL. LDL transports cholesterol throughout your body to its organs and tissues. The problem is, with too much cholesterol, the excess continues circulating via the bloodstream. LDL eventually penetrates the blood vessel walls to build up dangerous plaques and narrow blood vessels blocking the flow of blood resulting in coronary artery disease. HDL, on the other hand, does the opposite and takes the extra cholesterol to your liver to be broken down. There is substantial evidence that coconut oil boosts HDL lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart ailments. Reduction of the high likelihood of heart diseases is one of the principal causes of what is coconut oil used for in critical health matters. Take a ½-1 tablespoon of coconut oil daily.

5. Face

What is coconut oil used for

Coconut has many cosmetic benefits. Apply it on your face to achieve a healthy youthful looking look. When out in the sun you have put on sunscreen to avoid your skin especially the face from drying up. Coconut oil in itself is not enough as a complete sunscreen. However, that being said, you should apply coconut oil in between your applications of your usual sunscreen. It hydrates your skin and stops it from drying out. When your face skin gets scorched by the sun, apply the oil to stop itching.
Coconut oil can also be used to highlight your cheekbones for the beautiful natural glow that everyone wants. It can also be massaged onto beards and eyelashes for the desired luscious look that turns heads. The above cosmetic uses are just a few ideas on what is coconut oil used for in beauty.

6. Healing abilities.
Coconut oil has other numerous healing capabilities. In terms of healing capabilities, what is coconut oil used for? It offers solutions to serious and common ailments like:
• Alzheimer’s
• Fungal infections
• Athletes foot
• Heartburn
• Prevent constipation
• A sore throat, cough
• dandruff
• Fight inflammation
• Wound and Bruise care
• Easing Arthritis Pain
• prevent ring-worms
• Fight acne
• Tattoo moisturizer/healer
• Food poisoning relief

7. Cooking
Cooking with coconut oil ranks as one of the most common practices in what is coconut oil used for in the kitchen. There is no healthier way to get the benefits of coconut oil than to use it while cooking. Replace your regular oils and butter with coconut oil for meals full of flavor and richness of taste. You can also mix it with many snacks like toast, popcorn, and cakes to create munchies that everyone wants.

8. Dogs


Coconut oils exceed human uses. It can be used on pets like dogs and cats. Most of us love our pets, and we want them to have maximum comfort and pleasure as we do. How do you use coconut oil on your pets? Treat your dog or cat in the following ways and they sure will enjoy your company. You can add it to their meals for internal body benefits or apply it externally.
• Prevent excessive itching of pets especially the underbelly.
• Cleaning their ears.
• Giving them a healthy coat shine.
• Soothe dry noses to prevent cracking.
• Treating cracked paws to get soft tender paws.
Do this and your precious dog or cat will reciprocate your love immensely.

9. Cleaning
What is coconut oil used for in cleaning? Among the numerous uses of coconut oil is in cleaning and maintenance of tools and appliance around your home. Below are just a few of these cleaning services.
• Clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil and next time you use them they will appear just as new.
• Lubricate Kitchen Appliances.
• Tupperware Stain Prevention.
• Remove rust on kitchen tools likes knives. Apply a small amount on such objects.
• Grease baking Pans to avoid sticky remnants after you are done.
• Lubricate small moving parts like blenders.
• Clean ink stains in a few minutes.
• Dust repellent. Apply coconut oil on surfaces to prevent dust from collecting.
• Grease bicycle chains and door hinges with coconut oil to avoid squeaky noises or to jam up.

10. Quick fixes
There are problems that coconut oil can fix in an instant. These don’t require much hassle, and you will have your expected results in the short term. Try them out today. Some of them include:
• Makeup removal. Apply some on your face and rinse with water.
• Lip balm to avoid chapped lips in the sun.
• Teething ‘gel’. Soothe some amount on gums to prevent inflammation and irritation.
• Breath-freshener. Swish some oil in your mouth for a while to stop this problem.
• Coconut oil has potential teeth whitening benefits though this is not confirmed.
• Nipple cream. Rub a small amount on the nipples to avoid cracking when breastfeeding.
• Shaving cream that leaves the chin moisturized and bump-free.
• Nail and cuticle treatment. You can soak your fingers in coconut oil for a while avoid dull hard nails and cuticle.

11. The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint: 321 Everyday Uses for Your Health, Kitchen, Family & Beauty

11. The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint: 321 Everyday Uses for Your Health, Kitchen, Family & Beauty

All the above benefits of coconut oil are just a tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds of uses for this oil that exist on what is coconut oil used for in the modern day. Others are still being discovered to date. The book expounds further on the above applications in detail.
In The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint eBook, you get to know of all the tips, tricks secrets, and strategies to about Coconut oil to use in your daily household benefits.

It’s packed with hundreds of ways (over 321) you can use the astounding power of coconut oil to be healthy and stay that way.
The blueprint has six main guidelines on how do you use coconut oil for health benefits.
Health Benefit #1: Coconut Oil Fuels A Healthy Heart.
Learn how to use coconut oil to reduce LDL and boost HDL and how to recover cellular health and curb infections leading to heart complications and save your life in the process.
Health Benefit #2: Coconut Oil Flushes Deadly Toxins From Your System
Get to know how coconut oil detoxifies your whole body naturally leaving you with the energy of a teenager. Learn how to detox with coconut oil and what to do before and after the detox.
Health Benefit #3: Coconut Oil Boosts Memory and Brain Health
Read about how to use coconut oil to boost your cognitive powers and fight off mental complications like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis without drugs.
Health Benefit #4: Coconut Oils Powers Your Metabolism
Discover the unknown ingredients in coconut oil that stop cravings and burn belly fat thus losing weight in a natural way. Coconut also gives you loads of energy that translate into increased metabolism.
Health Benefit #5: Coconut Oil Is the ‘Unknown’ Beauty Secret of the Stars
What is coconut oil used for by celebrities? Learn about all the cosmetic uses of coconut. They are so many including some of what I listed above.

The book contains information on places where you can buy the purest coconut oil, tips on natural ways to lose weight, how to avoid obesity and heart illnesses and other valuable health information.

Coconut oil has been labeled as a magical component today for its endless list of uses and benefits. It is likely that you may have used it in one way or another. If not, you should try it out and believe you me you will discover the incredible benefits it has. I recommend The Coconut Oil Revitalization Blueprint to guide you in the daily usage of coconut oil. Discover what is coconut oil used for and begin doing so yourself. Start with the primary uses and I assure you will not regret using coconut oil.