How to Meditate Properly at Home for Beginners

In a world where our lifestyles are invariably made of interactions and social exchanges, stress- related build up is inevitable. Relational issues, professional productivity, administrative or financial worries sometimes cause untold suffering and havoc to our life more than we tend to imagine. It is most importance then to know how meditate properly at home for beginners.

On a light note, stress helps you to be alert and evade danger.  However many are times that we are faced with continuous challenges and relaxation becomes quite elusive. In such situations learning how to properly meditate at home is vital.

Negative stress is increasingly on the rise and has been detrimental to our health. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author of the bestseller “Emotional Intelligence” indicates in his book that in more than 100 scientific studies, the quality of emotional life of people has direct impact on their health.

Elevated blood pressure, headaches, chest pain, insomnia, low sex drive, skin conditions like acne, diabetes, depression, anger outbursts,  asthma, arthritis, and excessive weight gain are just but a few of the many health issues that are triggered by stress.

It is thus not surprising that The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) affirmed stress a hazard of the workplace costing the US industry more than $ 300 annually.

According to Hans Selye, who has immense authority in stress research, the society is changing at such a fast pace that it has become necessary to learn how to meditate properly at home for beginners to cope and adapt at workplaces and in social life.

Simple actions yet so successful on how to properly meditate can assist in getting rid of negative stress occurrences.

Choose what gives you the most satisfaction and pleasure.

1. Mindfulness meditation exercises

mindful exercises and meditation

  • Put your index finger at the mid of your forehead, about one inch below the hairline. You will find there is a slight hollow at this location. Make mild circular pressure motions in the clockwise and then anticlockwise for one or two minutes.


  • Learn how to meditate properly at home for beginners by closing your eyes and making an eight with the tip of your nose starting with a rollercoaster shape while decreasing and increasing it. Do it in the direction of clockwise for one to two minutes and in the opposite direction of clockwise for one to two minutes. This relaxes the exercise area of the brain and spinal column.


  • With eyes closed, inhale through the nose and out through your mouth slowly. Focus your attention on each part of your body starting from the scalp to the feet inwardly and say the sentence: I relax– my scalp, I relax my face … I relax my eyes … I relax my jaw … I relax my neck … I relax my shoulders … I relax my arms my forearms and my hands … I relax my chest … I relax my belly … I relax my pelvis … my thighs …  my knees… my legs … my feet … A variation of this is to produce muscle relaxation. You can add a soft relaxing music if you can. They are useful exercises on how to properly meditate.

According to Hal Myers, Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine Department of Psychiatry at the Allan Memorial Institute, learning how to properly meditate at home and relax is essential for you to stay healthy. Take time to relax helps you to realize the inner peace.

2.Guided imagery meditation

  • How to meditate properly at home for beginners in quiet, serene place? Have a personal schedule on when to do the meditation. The place should not have distractions for at least 15 minutes. Lighting should be very minimal. Be in a comfortable position and relax. Close your eyes and let the surrounding sounds float around you, do not fight back. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose and exhale through the mouth 3 or 4 times and let your body relax with each exhalation.


  • Imagery; Breath slowly and deeply and give yourself consent to relax. Indulge in your seat and feel the support of your weight. How to meditate properly at home for beginners is soothing when you imagine a beautiful place and use your senses to explore this place (the gentle warmth of the sun on the skin, the wind breeze on your face, the smell of flowers, birds singing). Picture yourself on a raft in the middle of a calm lake. Imagine yourself on a beach trying to relax in the sun. Take the time to relive a happy time in your life. Imagine a flower seed and visualize it grow until it becomes a beautiful rose.


  •  Viewing your work day; Take a leap into the future in the short, medium or long-term to imagine what you want to see happen. The visualization should be realistic. Examples: Visualize the positive outcome of a case before it is finalized and notice how you feel to have succeeded. Visualize the expression of satisfaction from your employer in a job well done. Before you fall asleep at night, visualize how to  properly meditate has been such fun.

3. Build your self-esteem by learning how to meditate properly at home for beginners

meditation and work enjoyment

According to Hans Selye, you will live longer and prosperous if you do a job you love. Every human being needs happiness and accomplish goals in life. More than anything else you need approval, self-esteem that you can acquire by learning how to meditate properly at home for beginners,

It is vital to;

  • Know how to value and appreciate for a job well done.
  • Appreciate and value others for their achievements.
  • When you do something nice or enjoyable, negative stress disappears.
  • Laugh 10 minutes a day and develop your sense of humor.
  • Be passionate in enjoying what you do.
  • Cultivate the zeal in others enjoying their work.
  • Reward yourself for your success immediately.
  • Emphasize the good points of a project before the negative points.
  • Nurture a positive emotional climate by giving a compliment each day to at least three people you hang out with.
  • Appreciate how to meditate properly at home for beginners so easily.
  • Make a list of irritants, identify those that can be easily solved and do it.
  • Do not unnecessarily drag relationship problems, adjust them or set them aside.
  • Check comic films.
  • Do not let yourself mourn so much on the lows of a day, use it as a spring board for a better tomorrow.

At the end of the workday, you should be able to pinpoint three things you have enjoyed during the day. These meditation tips are simple yet very helpful on how to meditate properly at home for beginners.

Put things right in your life says Dr. Robert Eliot — if you had only six months to live, what would be your priorities? Clarify your values according to what is important to you. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

4.Deep relaxation techniques through technical associations.

how to properly meditate by smelling a rose flower

Associate relaxing with a physical gesture or image. It promotes a positive feeling on how to meditate properly at home for beginners.


With each deep breath I relax…

Every time I close my eyes briefly, I relax…

Every time I rub my thumb and index finger together, I relax…

Every time I rub my ear I relax…

Whenever I imagine a rose, I relax…

Whenever I think of my little son, I relax…

Every time I see myself on a lake in fishing I relax…

5.  3 Minute Meditations, the best way to meditate

3-Minute- Meditation guide

The 3 Minute Meditations is an excellent guide for meditation that brings a smile on your face. The comprehensive guide gives you step by step of simple actions on how to meditate properly  at home for beginners and successfully overcome all the physical and mental stress in everyday life. The diverse ways not only gives you peace and tranquility but helps you regain robust energy that is lost because of the hectic daily activities. You will learn how to properly meditate!

What are the benefits of meditation with the 3-Minute Meditation E-Book?

  • You will learn how to properly meditate and much more;
  • You will be far more patient to your loved ones through this powerful meditation course.
  • Get a complete relief from your physical and mental stress
  • You will be able to develop confidence as to your expectation
  • Learn the way to Join and interact with the few people who truly exude peace.
  • How to keep at bay anxiety attacks.
  • Learn to feel comfortable in any situation.
  • You will be able to enhance connection in your relationships.
  • Acquire the power of meditation
  • Your energy levels will be enhanced through this course.
  • Save much money on therapists or medications by learning how to meditate properly at home for beginners.
  • Meditate smoothly even without any prior knowledge of meditation.
  • Learn how to properly meditate for 3 minutes only.
  • Get the solution to improving the productivity at your work.
  • Get a higher sex appeal and improved libido
  • Lose weight as stress levels are checked

You will learn the number one secret of peace, tranquility and balance in your life, in a way that is adorable, realistic, and time-friendly to achieve a true physical, mental and emotional harmony.

Who can benefit from the program?

3-Minute Meditation guide is useful to all and sundry who want to know how to meditate properly at home for beginners. With stress as a common phenomenon issue, our daily life has been nothing short of miseries. With pressure at home and workplaces, happiness has been very elusive. It is against this backdrop that Adam Michael Brewer developed the useful guide. He customized the program in such wonderful way such that you only need 3 Minutes every day!  What is more, the price of the guide is incredibly low.

About the Author:

Adam Michael Brewer, the developer of the wonderful meditation guide, is as Certified Wellness Coach for a long time. He is a mind/body specialist living in Santa Monica, CA where he works with the low and high as they try to balance their body, mind and spirit in a unique way, making each person to come alive and truly thrive.

He has seen people hesitate to take part in meditation because of their tight daily schedules. Many meditation training lasts for 10-30 minutes. To curb this problem, Adam Michael Brewer has developed the 3- Minute Meditation course on how to meditate properly at home for beginners conveniently and yet come out so much fulfilled. Adam had his life adversely affected by stress and embraced the same meditation techniques. The 3-minute meditation was a life changer to his positive transformation.

More benefits from the guide

  • Very affordable at only 15 dollars!
  • Time-saving at only 3 minutes, you will learn how to meditate properly at home for beginners
  • Flexible as you can apply for the course at any place, home, workplace, Name it!
  • You simply download as it is in digital form.
  • Learn how to properly meditate to remove stress.
  • 100% No-Questions- Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and for the 60 days the 3-minute medication will have already given you peace and tranquility. You would not even want to quit!
  • Free and incredible bonuses! On top of the 3-Minute Meditation, you get;
  1. Audio Accelerator Package worth $18 that has 9 super audio components.
  2. Well-being workbook worth $ 15.

Most importantly decreases your anxiety, stress, increases your joy, peace, vitality and feeling of oneness with life, tranquility, and serenity.


This is a fantastic guide that can quickly assist you to get relief from physical or mental stress, as you enjoy the power of meditation. Having downloaded the guide and following Adam’s 3-Minute Meditation guide. I have had immense happiness in my life. I have taken pleasure in writing informative health issues. Previously performing such tasks was an enormous burden. My personal productivity was at the lowest ebb.

Thanks to Adam for renewing my energy and for once giving me a joyous life that I could never have dreamt of!  I have written about the guide as a way of appreciation so that you can get back the sparkle in your life.  Don’t let physical, mental, emotional strains ruin your life. You are such a precious person.

You DESERVE to live a life free from worry, stress and anxiety by easily learning how to meditate properly at home for beginners.

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