3 Ways of How to Lose Weight Naturally Without Exercise Before the Year Ends

Projections indicate that an average human being gains fat while losing muscles as at twenty years and beyond. Making lifestyle changes is, therefore, crucial to avert this predicament. Excess fat places you in the danger of getting illnesses such as heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, respiratory complications and even some cancers.

It is essential to strike a balance as too little or too much fat is unhealthy. However, Obesity is a great challenge to a considerable number of people in the U.S.  Health experts estimate that complications related to obesity cost the country hundred billions of shillings yearly. It is thus vital to find a way of how to lose a lot of weight fast.

My long struggle with weight loss

At 29 years old, I weighed 346 pounds. I was worn-out and miserable. My weight was too much of a burden. In a single moment, I realized that I had to do something on how to lose a lot of weight fast. I wasn’t living my life.

From an early age, I watched my weight go up year by year. During my tender years, it wasn’t so much a hullabaloo. I never had the greatest eating habits, though, but they weren’t any worse than the kid next door; just more abundant.

As I slowly graduated from the childhood carefree lifestyle, issues of weight started to take shape in my teenage years. The weight loss issue was more aggregated by common emotional stresses that characterize this period. Needless to say that it was a long journey until years later when I took charge of my body weight seriously.

Honestly, today I find it a lot easier on how to lose a lot of weight fast. I am not that a strict dieter and I usually give myself a treat. (it’s not just about eating salads!). My success came when surfing the INTERNET. A program, The Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Solution for Women, cropped up.

At first I discredited it as one of the many weight loss programs on the INTERNET, but there was uniqueness in it that made me prodd it further.  After thorough reviewing of the program, I noted that the developer: Sue Heinzte had deeply researched on the excess body fat matter before coming up with the solution.  I contacted one of my former friends. She was among those who that had used the program. She told me that if I was looking for the best program on how to lose a lot of weight fast, then Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Loss.  was the best choice.

She put all the doubts that I had to rest after posting her selfie to me. Liz! Her body shape was incredibly super. Gone was her former sluggish figure. Oh! How I envied her. “You don’t need to,” she informed me. She encouraged me to purchase the program and get started on the journey of how to lose a lot of weight fast.

I took her advice, and I have never been happier in my life than now. It was the best decision that I have ever made. From that day, I learned never to give up on your desire. Always detest from being envious of things that you can work out after setting positive goals in your life. My motto these days is to let the sky be the limit.

3  ways of how to lose a lot of weight fast

1. The Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Loss Solution for Women

weight loss and the beta switch fat loss

The Beta Switch program is 12 weeks long, so you do not have to do extreme changes in your daily routine. Sue, the author, describes it as a weight loss lifestyle rather than a weight loss diet. In the program, Sue explains how to switch off fat storing Alpha receptors in your body and switch on fat burning Beta receptors. The program concentrates on the stubborn fat storage parts of our female bodies thus relieving you from the stressful workouts and harsh diets that other programs mostly emphasize.

The Beta Switch Stubborn Fat Solution is not discriminative of age and our different genetic groups. It lays emphasis on stubborn fat no matter where the fat accumulates in our bodies. It works for all women regardless of how tight their daily schedules are. It will work for you! Without going through the tedious cardio or unending exercises. Instead, the program is based on simple techniques that you can easily accomplish. That’s why it’s an ideal program for you on how to lose a lot of weight fast.

Sue Heinzte went through different weight issues in her twenties and early thirties when she developed the Beta Switch Program. She followed this program and achieved her best body. A majority of people in weight loss circles hail Sue’s life transforming techniques. She has taught many women on line on this weight loss lifestyle. In her local Australian TV shows, she is hosted to contribute her knowledge in fitness. Sue has written for the Fitness Magazines, Women’s Health magazines, Shape magazines among others. Check the official website

The secret of this program is switching off the fat storing Alpha cells. Men and women have both the Beta and Alpha cells, but women have been discovered to have Alpha receptors as much as nine times as Beta receptors. A single Beta receptor, therefore, has to work amidst nine Alpha receptors.

However, the Beta Switch program offers a long lasting solution to this predicament. The Alpha receptors store fat in certain parts of the body like thighs, belly, arms and hips. The Beta Switch Protocol creates a fat burning environment in your body.

The scientifically proved program techniques and contain various unique surprise bonuses for those that buy it online. There are numerous user reviews and tutorial videos within the package.

Indeed how to lose a lot of weight fast has never been made this easier!

2. How to exercise to lose weight

arm stretch exercisesThere are many lose weight exercises, but some of them leave us so exhausted. Waking up the next day becomes a nightmare. I have put a few exercises that are less hectic that will go a long way in helping you on how to lose a lot of weight fast.

The best way to tone your arms, thighs, and the belly is being active by doing physical activities. You do not have to hit the gym every day, but one can engage themselves in physical activities around the house or the workplace. The activities will help you shed off some arm fat, thigh fat, and belly fat. Some of the best-known exercises include;

  • Skipping (jumping-rope)

Skipping is one of the exercises to lose arm fat. Skipping is a great workout. I t is also very cheap and can be done almost everywhere. Start with at least 20 skips in the morning and evening and ensure skipping is a daily routine.

  • Do arm stretch ups

How to lose a lot of weight fast does not necessitate waiting for the evening or morning fitness routine. Stretch your arms in the comfort of your home. Stretching will not only keep you active but also release the tension. Regular stretching tones the arm muscles and brings them back in shape. For stretching all you may need is a long piece of cloth

  • Use of weights

Use of weights efficiently assists you in the shed of arm fat, and the stubborn belly fat. Use weights that are not too heavy because they will be strenuous. Increase the weights gradually for better endurance.

  • Jogging and bike riding

These are great and less tiring exercises that play a vital role on how to lose a lot of weight fast. They work the lungs and heart and also tone the buttocks and thighs. These exercises also go a long way in burning hundreds of calories per hour. A moderate to high-intensity 45-minute exercises is what the American Council on Exercise recommends. Start gradually and build your way up slowly for longer periods.

  • Use stairs instead of taking the comfort of that lift.  It may be tedious, but it will do you better than harm.

use stairs to lose weight

These and many more are ways on how to exercise to lose weight.

3.  Tips on how to lose weight fast.

  • Use smaller serving dishes.

It is more of a trick for your visual senses than reality. The concept is that when a proper portion size looks bigger on a smaller plate, your mind is swayed to believe that you are getting enough food. It works because it satisfies the senses and the tummy and will eventually lead on how to lose a lot of weight fast.

  • Measure your servings.

Don’t succumb to the temptation of your delicious meal. Check the nutrition label for appropriate serving size. Most Americans are eating three times or more the serving size of foods. I made an observation of this in my best friend’s kitchen—she thought she was eating a portion of her favorite breakfast cereal (1 cup) while it was 3.5 servings. Between the milk and the cereal, the difference was around 400 calories all the time.

  •  Drink more water.

drinking water weight loss

Tips on how to lose weight cannot be complete without this healthy Drink. Water is very healthy. I know we are used to our ready-made juices, sodas, sweet teas, and other high-calorie beverages. Some people are fans of water. However, water cleanses and flushes the toxins out of your body. It is that important. There are lots of benefits to drinking plenty of water. Figure out what will make you drink more of it.  For me, I prefer using a straw in my glass to drink more of it. Don’t ask me why it works but it does and is an integral part on how to lose a lot of weight fast.

  • Limit intake of fried foods.

Food, when put into a vat of grease, is not good for you. Besides, you only end up adding needless calories. No matter how enticing these fatty foods are, they are not worth your body.   Try steamed or grilled foods.

  • Go to your local farmer to purchase your products.

Food from the farm is not fresh but very nutritious. Organically grown is even better. The foods also have great taste. Go for the farm fresh produce and you will come to realize why the foods are amazing and delicious and excellent on how to lose a lot of weight fast.

  • Take a leisure walk after dinner.

Instead of watching that favorite movie, stand and take a stroll. To you it may seem an exercise in futility, but the short bursts can positively change your life. Resist the temptation of sitting down to play your computer game. Get outside and go for a walk.

  • Have fewer eat outs.

Restaurants food is very appealing but very unhealthy. Their menus have high-calorie foods in absurd portion sizes. More Seldom eat outs will not only save you the much-needed money but will help you lose weight quickly and safely

  • Minimize your salad dressing on the side.

Dressings have very high calories. Order them sparingly on the side. You can add a tablespoon of your salad. Whichever way, keep it in check.

  • Start planning your meals.

A weekly menu is always the best habit for keeping your weight in check. Not only does it offer the financial value of lower grocery bills, but also helps you to plan more veggies into your meals.

  • Take snacks when you need them.

One in a grocery shopping, I became self-conscious that I was quite hungry. A check at the clock indicated that four hours had elapsed since I ate last. Was it a physical or mental hunger that I felt? Obviously it was mental as triggered by the clock check. I opened my purse and had a granola bar. I could have waited for dinner that was only two hours away. Starve your mental hunger more than the physical hunger. If you are physically hungry, eat. Hunger is the way your body hints it needs food for energy.

  • Choose whole grain.

whole grains and weight loss

Choose whole grain over white. You will stay full longer. I was a lifetime white bread and white pasta kid. I came to learn later that this was the reason behind my ever ballooned body. Today,how to lose a lot of weight fast is easy as I have taken charge of my body-shape

  • Keep a food diary.

Previously I didn’t keep track of how much I ate during the day. Today I make it a habit of recording what goes in my body. It helps to improve my eating habits. Start now and you may be surprised to see a day or two full of junk foods. Be accountable to what you eat.

  • Avoid skipping meals.

Starving your body to lose those extra pounds is the worst disservice you could do to your body. If, on a particular day you won’t take a healthy and a proper lunch, carry some delicious, healthy snacks. Unpack and eat them. Don’t shy off. Remember it’s your health! Not theirs.

Indeed, the tips on how to lose weight are numerous and will assist greatly on how to lose a lot of weight fast.


I have put the weight loss management tips to help succeed in your weight loss fight. But do you know all this and much more is fused together in Sue’s BETA SWITCH PROGRAM? That why she refers it as a lifestyle weight loss program than diet loss. She has made weight loss more enjoyable than you could ever imagine. I would honestly wish to hear from you about the program. The joy of a satisfied you is indeed one of my key pillars in information sharing.

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