How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Fast-11 Great ways!

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Fast

A good and strong vertical jump is one of the best and most beautiful movements known to humankind. A lot of Kobe Bryant fans are left speechless when they see him dunk on a fast break or Michelle Kwan hitting a triple axle. How to increase your vertical jump fast, how to jump high are questions that are easy to answer if you are guided properly. These questions are common among lovers of sports especially those that play basketball.

Today I will share with you answers to these questions. A great vertical jump does not require expensive footwear, years of training or even Kobe Bryant genetics. Below we will look at several jumping exercises that will help you increase vertical jump fast by adding up to 9-15 inches. These are the best exercises on  how to increase your vertical jump at home

1. Do warm Up Exercises.

warm exercises and vertical jump
It is highly advisable to start your workouts with a dynamic warm-up. Warm-ups contribute to reducing the risk of getting hamstring injury or muscle pulls. Warm-up exercises should take around 10 minutes and are great for increasing higher vertical jumps.

2. How to increase your vertical Jump fast using Jump Rope.

jumping rope and vertical height

This idea looks simple to many, but it’s a very crucial jumping workout. You build stamina and muscle strength. It helps create an explosive power. Cardio exercise and should be worked out at least 20 minutes every day. Regular rope jumping is simple ways on how to increase your vertical jump fast.

3. Do Squat Jumps and achieve high vertical jumps.

how to jump higher
You should cross your arms in front, standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart. You should lower yourself by bending your knees and moving your buttocks backward, keeping your back straight, eyes ahead, and knees over your toes.

When you get into a sitting position, have yourself jump straight up. Practice this six times. Alternately, try jump squats, which consist of lower squat and rhythmic jumps. Remember endurance and practice will help you get to your goal. Remember how to increase your vertical jump fast comes with patience and hard work.

4. Do Practice Jumps.

A depth jump is done by stepping off a wooden box and then exploding upward immediately when you land on the floor. This is another way on how to increase your vertical jump fast. This will keep a check on your reaction time and will assist your lower-body muscles to respond well and be active when you need to catch air.

This will help you on how to jump high. Start by standing on a box that is about 5 to 8 inches off the floor. Step off, as soon as you reach the floor jump as high as you can be able to, reaching your hands overhead. Land gently in an athletic position.

Take a second to take a breath, then immediately step back onto the wooden box, set yourself, and repeat the whole jump workout. It is highly advisable to do four sets of 3 reps of jump exercises on Week 1, five sets of 3 reps on Week 2, and six sets of 3 reps on the third week.

5.Do Calf Raises increase vertical jump?

calf raises and how to jump high

Let’s face the truth, scrawny legs will not do any good when it comes to how to increase your vertical jump fast. Whether you are considering to dunk, high-jump, or even to leave the ground of floor with an additional jiff of speed, calf elevations are significant.

One needs to physique lower-leg bulk with about 1,000 calf elevations each day.
I came through this method once reading a “Sports Illustrated” editorial on Shaquille O’Neal. on how to jump high. While Shaquille O’Neal was playing at Louisiana State University, he ensured he had done over 1,000 calf raises before he retired to bed, and this made his vertical leap increased by 12 inches

Why not tie together some of his vertical expertise and use them yourself.
Though it might sound like a powerful figure of calf raises, when you partition them into a more practicable pattern maybe ten sets of 100 reps, it’s workable.

The main advantage of this jump workout is that you need not add weights, and no equipment is required. This is a good exercise that you can do anywhere.

6. Jump Over an Obstacle.

How to increase your vertical jump at home
This is one of my best go-to weekend workouts on how to jump high for harnessing light power. Jumping over an item, like a playground seat or box, will offer you a physical indicator to exceed.

It is well to go all out with this technique and channel your inner pogo stick—the upper, the better. Target about ten jumps in 10 minutes; try a fresh jump every minute on the minute.

7. Start Weight Training.

Visit a gym near you so that you can practice leg curls and lifts with a commercial weight-lifting kit. It is advisable to set the weight as high as you can without hurting yourself, and purpose for 4 or 5 reps.

It is important to note that high-weight, low-rep strength training is the finest for building up the central nervous system and centers on less growth of muscles. If you want to get more muscular, it is advisable to train with moderate weights and moderate (around 5-10) reps.

8. How to increase your vertical jump fast by working on your Abdominal muscles.

How to Increase Vertical Jump Fast

The Critical Bench website recommends up your abs, for this will assist you to thrust yourself high into the air and make a score. It is also good to practice crunches to brace this principal area. Start with numerous that you can be able to perform and continue increasing the number on a weekly basis.

9. Practice Your Jump.

After some few days, attempt little vertical leaps to trail your improvement on how to increase your vertical jump fast. Basketball jumping workouts are great.

It is important not to emphasize vertical jumps as your primary means of exercise, though; doing them over and over will affect slower progression than doing the exercises above. It is important to have your friend mark your jumps so you can track your improvement.

10. Visualize Your Jump.

After you have worked out, while your muscles are still excruciating, close your eyes and picture out a flawless vertical leap. Envision yourself exploding up from the ground and dangling in the air at the height of your jump before approaching back down. It is a great effortless way on how to increase your vertical jump fast.

11. Get the best vertical jump program

Vert Shock Program by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington.

how to increase your vertical jump
It is created by Adam Folker a Canadian professional basketball player and Justin Darlington an award-winning and popular slam dunker. Adam graduated from high school with a vertical jump of 32 inches and later awarded a scholarship from the University of California.

He is also a coach to many professional basketball players helping them improve their vertical jump.
This Vert Shock program is divided into three simple and elaborate phases.

First Phase: Pre-Shock.

This is an introductory phase whereby your body is prepared for the future phases. During this period, one can add from 3-5 inches in their vertical jump. This period lasts for up to 1 week.

Second Phase: Shock Phase.

This phase takes about six weeks, and it’s the core of the Vert Shock Program. The nervous system is prepared to help you jump higher than you or your friends could have imagined.

Third Phase: Post Shock.

It takes about 1 week and this stage will assist to record eternally what you have learned in other phases.
According to Adam and Justin, this jump program is unique and stands out from the rest of the jump programs because it does not over-train users.

It has groundbreaking workouts to help you on how to increase your vertical jump fast by 9-15 inches. In a nutshell, I recommend you to check out this program, I guarantee that it will be very useful for you and your friends.

Pros of the Vert Shock Program.

  • Everyone can use this jump program.

This jump program is created and developed to cater to everyone. You do have to a pro basketball player or an athletic person to benefit from this jump program.

  • Trustworthy authors with outstanding qualifications.

This jump program has been created by two people with immense knowledge and professional skills in basketball. Adam is a professional basketball player who plays for UC Irvine as a forward.
Justin Darlington aka Jus Fly is a field athlete and a professional slam dunker. He has an award-winning slam dunker with many accolades. They give very useful tips on how to increase your vertical jump fast.

  • The Vert Shock Program can be done anywhere.

You just need to access a gym facilitates once in a while, but the other workouts can be done anywhere. This makes how to increase your vertical jump fast be accomplished with ease.

  • Offers no-hassle, money-back guarantee, and takes less time.

This is one of the benefits that attracted me to this jump program. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can get your full cash refund within 60 days of your purchase. You are required to send an email to Vert Shocker customer support expressing your concerns.

  • Workouts are easy to understand and execute.

  • No fancy gear is required.

Cons of the Vert Shock Program.

  • Refrain from Over-Training.
  • Dedication and Hard work are key.


I would recommend this Vert Shock Program to everyone looking to increase their vertical jump whether you are playing basketball, volleyball, netball or any sport that requires high vertical jumps. It will be a great way if you are looking on how to increase your vertical jump fast.