4 Proven Ways of How To Get Rid of Fibroids Without Surgery.

How To Treat Fibroids Naturally

Below is an in-depth post that answers virtually each question on how to get rid of fibroids without surgery. Get the time to browse it to the end as it is very informative. I have actually gathered the information from a consultation with doctors dealing with the treatment and management of fibroids.

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Let’s start.

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are the one of the most common tumors of the feminine system. They are firm, compact tumors that form from swish muscle cells and fibrous animal tissue developing in the womb.

how to get rid of fibroids without surgery

Research shows that between 25-55% of women in their prime reproductive years will get fibroids although majority of them are not diagnosed. Furthermore, some fibroids are too tiny to be seen by a doctor. This shows that a large number of women are exposed to the risk of getting fibroids.

The good news is that most fibroids are benign meaning that they are non-cancerous. The size of a fibroid can range from the small pea to as huge as a grape fruit.

Causes of fibroid tumors.

It is not clearly known by doctors what actually causes fibroids but the belief is that they develop from aberrant somatic cells in the womb which multiply fast.

Who is in danger for getting fibroid tumors?

  • Women in the child-bearing age due to high levels of hormones produced.
  • Women who are overweight.
  • African-American women or those who are of African descent. The cause for this again is not understood by doctors.

If you fall in any of the category above you should consider ways of how to get rid of fibroids without surgery in this article.

Some factors can help in preventing or reducing the risk of getting fibroids. For example, women who have had children are at a lesser risk of getting fibroids than those who are yet to get children.

What are the symptoms that you have fibroids?

Symptoms present themselves differently in women and sometimes they might be mild that you may not even notice. Unfortunately for others, the symptoms are so severe and painful.

How To Get Rid of Fibroids Without Surgery

In general, if you go through the following, it might mean that you have fibroids.

  • Heavy and prolonged periods.
  • Abnormal injury between emission periods.
  • Pelvic pain
  • Frequent voiding
  • pain in the lower back.
  • Pain throughout intercourse
  • A firm mass, typically set close to the center of the pelvis, which might be felt by the doctor.

In case of excessive bleeding, you might get anemia which requires additional treatment.

In case you have noticed any of the symptoms above, read to the end to find ways of getting rid of fibroids without surgery.


Diagnosis of fibroids.

Doctors often use the following ways to know if you have fibroids.

  1. X-ray of the womb.
  2. Trans-vaginal ultrasound (ultrasonography).
  3. Resonance imaging (MRI). It is a non-invasive procedure carried out for inside organs or structure examination.
  4. Hysterosalpingography. X-ray examination of the womb and Fallopian tubes that uses dye and is usually performed to rule out body structure obstruction.
  5. Hysteroscopy. A hysteroscope is inserted through the channel.
  6. Mucosa diagnostic assay. A process where tissue sample is obtained through a tube which is inserted into the womb.
  7. Biopsy (to check for iron-deficiency anemia if serious injury is caused by the tumor).


How to get rid of fibroids without surgery.

Good news is that most fibroids shrink as women age. Therefore, the doctor might advise watchful waiting for some time to study the behavior of the fibroids. However, if you find out that they are not shrinking at a fast rate or if you want to get rid of them completely, look at the ways of how to do it in this article.

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However, for women with very large fibroids, the following procedures may be used based on some factors such as:

  1. Your overall health and medical record.
  2. Extent of the period you have had fibroids.
  3. Your tolerance to some medications and procedures.
  4. Your opinion or preference.


In general, treatment for fibroids could include:

Hysterectomy which is the surgical removal of the complete womb which is quite a drastic measure but quite an effective one.

Myomectomy (Conservative surgery) where fibroids are extracted and the womb left intact.

(GnRH agonists). Hormones are introduced into the body which shrink the fibroids making the surgery (if necessary) easier.

Uterine artery embolization. Arteries that feeding the fibroids are cut off.

Anti-inflammatory drugs/painkillers. These are simply for reducing pain and discomfort.

How To Treat Fibroids Naturally

The above are mostly surgical methods of treating fibroids. However, if you are looking for natural ways, there are ways on how to treat fibroids naturally that you can check out here.