How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs and Bum Naturally

how to get rid of cellulite on thighs and bum naturally

Every one of us has a little secret that makes our hearts tremor the moment we think about it. A secret we can’t say out loud, a secret we think we can overcome with time, and one that definitely bothers us the most. Well, my experience with cellulite has taken me through a journey that has been characterized by mixed emotions from losing my boyfriend to finally finding a solution to my long unresolved problem of getting rid of cellulite on thighs. In this post, I will share with you the tips on how to get rid of cellulite on thighs and bum naturally as I did.

cellulite on thighs

A little back-story

Before I get to the depths of this post, let me mention that throughout my experience with cellulite, I have learned a lot about nutrition, body image, mental wellness, and fitness. Although I went through a tough journey, through overcoming my toughest experiences, I was able to achieve my life-long goal of eliminating cellulite within six months.

My name is Catherine May and I’m going to share with you my cellulite journey right in this post. If you’re really looking to get rid of cellulite to stay sexy and healthy, please read on to see how I managed to overcome this monster.

It all begun in the fifth grade when I started worrying about my weight. As a clever fool, I remember wearing an oversized sweat jacket all day hoping that it might melt my body fat away. But LOL! This was just a faulty plan.

However, throughout my Junior High, High School, and College, things were a little bit cool especially in College where I joined the school’s football team. You see, the best thing about our school was that most students were quite dormant meaning anyone who survived practice was automatically listed in the school football team.

Now, by staying active in sports, I was able to reduce my weight significantly something which gave me a high tempo and positive attitude towards accomplishing my goals. But, one busy afternoon after taking a hot shower, I happened to stare at the mirror and what I saw was jaw breaking. I noticed the appearance of cellulite starting to show at the back of my teenage thighs and butts.

OMG! How is this possible? I kept asking myself with a sigh of disbelief. How could an active teenager suddenly develop cellulite on her thighs? I thought I was energetic and physically fit enough to keep off such ‘girls’ problems especially keeping in mind I practiced on a daily basis.

“Or, is it possible that these signs had already shown up long ago but only remained dormant and unproblematic for years waiting for a day such as today when they would explode right before my eyes?” I kept asking myself.

But, whatever the case, the much I could do at the moment was just to watch the cellulite grow as time passed on.

The beginning of a tough journey

From 2016 (after graduating from the school of music), things started getting a little bit messy. Though I was fully cognizant of the fact that I had cellulite, it became almost impossible for me to get over this issue. What seemed like an ant hill at first had turned into a mountain that seemed totally unbearable to get through.

Can you get rid of cellulite once you have it? I asked some of my friends.

“Your cellulite is OK girl; it doesn’t seem to be serious.”

Others said to me:

“Believe me girl, just get over this nonsense. After all, you’re not alone. In fact, over 85% of women have cellulite and most of them can’t even get rid of it. So, you have to deal with it.”

Well, although my friends tried so much to calm my nerves, I knew for sure they were just giving me false hopes. I had to do something about it really fast before the whole thing becomes a mess.

Although I was thinking of a possible solution, things started getting out of hand when I noticed that I no longer wore my favorite bikini when swimming. I even started hating beach partying—which by the way was my favorite gig. I started wearing jeans and long skirts just to hide my cellulite as my thighs were no longer sexy as they used to be.

Out of depression, I developed terrible eating disorders where I ate copious amounts of junk-foods, chocolate, sweets, and fry-ups just to console my fragile heart. I also changed the way I dressed as I never felt sexy or attractive like before.

To hit the final nail on my coffin, my boyfriend revealing how pissed off he was with my dressing. He told me how my dressing was awful and how ashamed he was. At one point, his friends really laughed at him saying he was dating a “saint.”

The final result: My boyfriend ditched me.

What more could I say? I was left crying and asking God why we girls have to pass through so much in life. Why always us?

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. First my body and now my promising relationship…

Of course, you can’t lie to yourself, right? After thinking over about my painful experiences, I decided to shake off my demons and share my story with my best friend. Tracey was a special High school friend who happened to be a dancer at the local pub I was working on.

She told me about her success story with the Anti-Cellulite Program Naked Beauty and how it had revamped her life giving her a chance to re-discover herself in a newer and better version. She also shared a site,  which according to her was the reason for her sudden transformation. However, having gone through a lot of painful experiences, I was feeling really held back and quite adamant to try the program.

Since I knew something had to be done for sure, I instead thought of visiting a demonologist to seek answers to my burning question. This is how my doctor explained everything about cellulite to me.

“Cellulite is caused by decreased circulation and has nothing to do with body fat percentage. With decreased circulation, your estrogen levels starts to decrease as well leading to loss of oxygen and nutrients in the thighs.”

“This causes a decrease in collagen production forcing the fat cells to enlarge and protrude through the collagen forming what is called cellulite.”

“Cellulite has nothing to do with your overall body weight. Although most cellulite myths state that this condition is a symptom of obesity, it can actually happen to anyone regardless of whether you’re slim, underweight, healthy or normal weight. This condition actually has everything to do with the structure of the skin but not the body fat percentage.”

“Cellulite can also be caused by dehydration. Yes, dehydration can prevent the body from getting rid of fat deposits. That’s why it’s very essential to drink lots of water. By drinking the right amounts of water, your body is able to avoid bloating and fluid retention which are major causes of cellulite.”

“Finally, cellulite has everything to do with genetics,” my doctor said. “If women in your family are prone to cellulite, then it’s likely that you to will have them. Since over 90% of women have cellulite, then there’s a higher predisposition that you might get them as well.”

Finally, the Hurray moment!

After my visit to the dermatologist, I agreed that cellulite was indeed caused by plenty of reasons. But, was there a safe and authentic way of fighting this condition? While I was thinking, a thought ran through my nerves and I remembered my conversation with Tracey about how she had discovered a successful way of fighting cellulite.

With mixed emotions of jubilation and nervousness, I grabbed my laptop and immediately opened the SYMULAST website that Tracey had referred to me to see exactly what the program was all about. To my surprise, I discovered that the program had everything to do with cellulite.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I compared myself with the processionary caterpillars which died of starvation and exhaustion even when abundant of food was just an inch away. Nonetheless, I proceeded to watch the video presentation and I said to myself “WOW, this is really it.”

Although most of my friends had suggested all sorts of beauty products, I knew there was a natural way out there to eliminate cellulite.

About the SYMULAST method

getting rid of cellulite

After watching the video presentation, I knew for sure I had hit the jackpot. I moved on to purchase the program and watch the Instructional SYMULAST method videos. Since the videos involved cartoon animations with background audio from Joey Atlas, I took notes of every session to ensure that I remembered how exactly I was supposed to conduct every exercise.

Essentially, SYMULAST stands for Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation. Developed by Joey Atlas, this program was released with a motive to fight cellulite through a natural method of exercising. Like I had mentioned earlier, cellulite occurs in almost 90% of women who are past the adolescent stage.

Now, with SYMULAST, fighting cellulite has never been easy as this program offers various tips on how to deal with cellulite to achieve a healthy body.

In the program, Joey speaks about 90 types of muscles that are there from the waist to the ankles. To keep these muscles in their perfect shape, Joey explains that proper exercise is an essential failure to which these muscles might lose their tendency and become flat, mushy and un-toned leading to cellulite.

Finally, the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method will offer you tons of hot tips and surprising secrets you never knew about cellulite. The program speaks about how skin brushing and compression garments will never get rid of cellulite, how anti-cellulite treatments makes your condition worse, how common exercises can worsen your cellulite, and why you need to understand the causes of cellulite to get rid of it.

Exercises to get rid of cellulite on thighs.

After watching the videos several times, I decided to meditate to plan how I would kick off the program. I did the first session and guess what? I was totally unconvinced how a session that lasted less than 20 minutes would transform my life. I wasn’t tired nor exhausted.

Thinking that I had done everything all wrong, I decided to invite Tracey over at least four times a week to keep me company throughout the program.

The exercises were really not that hard or time-consuming either. Everything was fluid, simple, and easy going keeping in mind Tracey was always around to give me some words of motivation.



Leg lift


After the challenge

One sunny Saturday afternoon, Tracey requested me to accompany her to her Sister’s birthday with the venue being at their apartment’s swimming pool at the rooftop. Since she had already noticed substantial changes with my body, Tracey requested me to wear my favorite designer dress instead of my usual trousers.

On one side, I didn’t want to disappoint Tracey but on the other, I was feeling nervous as I wasn’t confident enough to show my thighs especially when I remembered by past experiences.

However, since the party was just a few blocks away from my place, I decided to shake off my fear and get ready for some action.

Now, it was just a month since I commenced the SYMULAST program, but everyone at the party started asking me what exactly I was doing to get rid of cellulite. Since I wasn’t sure if they were serious or maybe it was some kind of joke, I simply laughed it off and replied “nothing much girls.”

Although it sounded like a joke at first, the situation became quite serious as everyone could notice huge differences with my body. The girls became stubborn and, what else could I do but just to share with them my little secret?

These are my before and after pictures of cellulite. You can definitely see the changes and I am so proud of my body.


How to eliminate cellulite from thighs

Final thoughts

After going through the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Program—which is actually available here, I discovered that I’ve become more consistent than ever before. My body is in great shape and my trouble zones (butts and back of my thighs) have continued to get tighter, natural cellulite removalsmoother and firmer as I move on.

Am now able to wear my favorite skirts when going to church and I’m feeling more confident, more energized and more motivated all thanks to the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Program.

Today, I’m a professional writer, cook, nutritionist and personal trainer looking to inspire, motivate and prepare you to face one of the toughest battles you’ll ever face in your life: to get rid of cellulite.

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