How to Get Bigger Perkier Breasts Naturally

Women and girls who have a smaller bust than they would wish suffer from low self-esteem and self-consciousness. Cases of inferiority arise where you may feel like “less of a woman.” The feeling can be lot worse if you tend always to compare yourself to “well-endowed” girls. As such, a search on how to get bigger breasts naturally is common to many that have small busts.

Whereas self-acceptance is a necessary virtue, it is quite impossible to ignore what is around you and thus the feeling of “inadequacy”. There is no harm in improving on what you have as long as it is safe, and you are comfortable with it.

As such most of the women think that cosmetic procedures are the only answer but this is far from the truth. While surgeries seem to be the most efficient and fast solution to small breasts, there are ways of how to get bigger breasts naturally. There are ways of how to get bigger breasts without surgery. The natural methods may require moderate patience, you avoid the risks associated with operations. Below are the steps to take if you are considering an increase in your breast size.

Method 1: Diet and Exercises to increase breast size

Exercises to increase breast size

1. Build your pectoral muscles.

Lifting weights is not only a good for your strength, mood, and overall health it’s also an excellent way to how to get bigger breasts naturally. Build the pectoral (chest) muscles that are underneath your breasts. Regular training and exercises will help improve the size, perkiness and firmness of the overlying breast tissue. The two major activities for this that you should do are:
• Chest presses
• Push-ups

2. Focus on your back and shoulder muscles.

Toning the various muscle groups besides the ones in your chest will have a positive effect on the size of your bust. Case in point, strengthening your shoulder and back muscles can keep your upper body well- toned, with a firm appearance and an erect posture. These will make your breasts appear bigger and shapelier and are an easy step of how to get bigger breasts naturally.

3. Natural breast enhancement foods.

If you are slim, consider gaining weight. Breasts are fatty connective tissue. Similar to the rest of the fat tissue in the body, it decreases as you lose weight. If you have a slim body with small breasts, you can put on a few pounds to fill out your breasts. However, you should avoid an all-out weight-gaining rampage because the adverse effects of rapid weight gain and obesity are many. Be moderate in your calorie intake and increase this as time goes on.


Method 2: Giving Your Breasts a Visual Boost

How big your breasts look is a visual thing that depends on how you handle yourself. There are some few tricks you should try on how to get bigger breasts naturally and make them appear larger without a change in size.

1. Train yourself to maintain a healthy posture.

Don’t slouch! To boost your bust, simply straighten up. Stand straight up, hold your head high, and draw your shoulders back. Push your chest out slightly as you stand and walk. However, don’t exaggerate as people will notice this. You will be surprised at the difference this simple trick brings.

2. Wear tops with horizontal patterns.

Another good bet is to wear tops with horizontal striped patterns on the chest. It is the same trick that people with weight issues avoid these types of clothing. If you seek to enhance the size of your breasts, you may want to use these volume-adding patterns.

3. Wear the correct bra size.

Putting on a bra that is too small or too large can give the impression that your breasts are smaller than they are. Preferably, your bras should lift and support your breasts not to flatten them or let them hang loosely. The next time you go lingerie shopping ask for a fitting. Most women spend years using one of bra size only to find after a re-fitting they look and feel measurably better.

4. How to get bigger breasts naturally by using a push-up or padded bra.

how to get bigger breasts naturally

A good padded bra can increase a visible volume to your bust and make your breasts look perkier than they are. Push-up bras, alternatively, can give the appearance of a larger, fuller bust.


Method 3: Getting Bigger Breasts with natural breast enhancement pills and medications.

1. Get bigger breasts using birth control pills.

Some birth control pills are an effective solution of how to get bigger breasts naturally because breast growth is a common side-effect of these hormone-based birth control pills. They contain the female sex hormone estrogen which can result in breast growth. However, you should not abuse these pills as they can have serious side effects. Again not all birth control pills contain estrogen, and you should consult first.

2. Get bigger breasts from your estrogen therapy.

Estrogen is a naturally occurring female sex hormone that can be prescribed to women for various reasons. It has a common side effect of breast enlargement. As stated above, estrogen should not be taken as a shortcut to breast enlargement because it has other harmful effects.

3. Try breast massage.

Some sources state that, massaging breasts with proper technique, it is possible to cause slight breast growth. The sources recommend the use of special oils, creams, and gadgets to encourage accelerate growth. However, no scientific evidence backs this statements.


Method 4: Use Boost your bust program  and learn how to get bigger breasts naturally

boost your bust download

Boost your bust review

The central claim made by Boost Your Bust is that it can show you how to get bigger breasts naturally with techniques to help you to gain one to two cup sizes in a period of 2 to 8 weeks.
Boost Your Bust was created by a lady called Jenny Bolton. As explained on her official website, she spent many months researching procedures until she finally discovered a routine that worked. She made this possible through the exercise, diet and hormone manipulation methods that she describes in her guide.
To get the best idea of what you can expect from this guide, I have categorized each chapter to give a sneak peek of what you will learn inside.

Chapter 1:

Jenny starts off by outlining the causes of genuine, permanent methods of how to get bigger breasts naturally and how this is made possible with her methods. She explains the significance of growth hormones and estrogen.

Chapter 2:

Jenny then goes ahead to explain the importance of hormone balancing, accumulating the growth hormone, increasing prolactin that help to balance the estrogen levels and decreasing testosterone that slows down breast development. She explains all these four topics clearly and in detail.

Chapter 3:

It is the ‘cheat sheet’ section where she gives you some tips on body posture that should not be overlooked Posture accounts for a huge difference in your appearance, but most women do not realize this. It also has the important exercises you must do to tone your underlying muscle such that your breasts appear firm and well positioned. Finally, she gives you fashion tips to enhance the appearance of your bust

Chapter 4:

This chapter covers the most important part of the guide that is the hormonal aspect. It tells you how to use certain inexpensive supplements that are available in most drug stores to boost estrogen and reduce testosterone. It also shows you a great supplement to use.

Chapter 5:

In here, there is the personal routine that you will be following on day to day basis. These include the diet strategies, exercises, and supplements. It also has the expected gains so you can gauge your results.


Benefits of BOOST YOUR BUST.

•It uses realistic strategies to enforce the body change through diet, special exercises, and hormonal control and not the shady pills or creams that rarely work.

• After purchasing the guide, you get the personal email contact with Jenny for further support if needed.

• The guide uses active and realistic natural methods strategies to show you how to get bigger breasts naturally.

• It is a clear and easy routine to follow. You know what to do when and on what day.

• It does not promise what it can’t deliver and is within a real gain of one to two cup sizes.



Natural breast enlargement methods are the safe way boost your bust. To condense all that I have covered, Boost Your Bust is possibly the only ‘natural breast enhancement’ guide that I can recommend. It gives natural, realistic strategy to help you gain one or two cup sizes in a few months and how to maintain the results in the long term.
It is ideal for those who are serious about increasing their bust size. You need time and patience before you appreciate the results. You can access the full information on how to get bigger breasts naturally from the Boost Your Bust guide official website.