How To Eat To Lose Weight With The Best Diet Plan

Have you been struggling to lose weight? Good news for you because you can shed off the extra pounds by eating healthy foods for weight loss. I have struggled with weight loss for the past eight years, for sure it has been very hard for me. I have joined gym and yoga classes, but I end up dropping out because I have a very busy work schedule.

It was one Sunday evening while I was watching Oprah Winfrey Show. She had hosted Dr. Oz, and the topic of discussion was on how to eat to lose weight with the best diet plan. I knew that this was my chance, and I would not let it slip through my hands. I armed myself with note book pad ready to put down all the necessary information.At the of the show, I could not but thank my lucky stars.

I have decided to share the information  with you since I believe in sharing helpful information. I am going to share the best diet to lose weight quickly and break down what I learned from the show. I will also share additional information I have gathered through my agonizing journey. I will make this very simple for you to understand and follow.


1. Take a cup of green tea in the morning.

green tea and weight loss
Research has shown that green tea has the highest metabolic effect compared to other beverages. People who take green tea burn up to 70 extra calories per day that translates to 8 pounds per year. That sounds magic, but it is real. Green tea is one of the healthy foods for weight loss that is readily available for everyone who wants to know how to eat to lose weight. Avoid taking beverages like soda and juice since they will only make you worse off.


2. Healthy foods for weight loss taken during lunch time.

lunch time foods and weight loss
Many people are used to taking fries and burgers during lunch despite knowing their negative effects in our body. Here is how to eat to lose weight.

Vegetables are some of the top foods for fat loss, and you should make them the biggest portion of your lunch time. Vegetables are some of best source of fiber; fiber makes one feel satisfied for a longer time hence it is a healthy food for weight loss. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are is essential in fighting diseases. Consider taking spinach, broccoli and cabbages. There is a variety of vegetables for you to choose from.
Lean meat

It is essential for you to incorporate lean meat into your lunch so as to add proteins to your diet. Chicken, fish, and beans are some of the best sources of proteins. Lean meat has been one of the top foods that help one to monitor weight; it is because it does not contain fat.
Whole-wheat bread

Eating a whole-wheat bread is healthier than eating refined white bread. A whole wheat bread will help you trim some fat from your body. It is important to have a healthy eating plan so as to have a healthy and strong body.

3. Top foods for weight loss taken during dinner

dinner time foods and weight loss
Salad greens

Start eating your dinner with a salad. Research from Penn State University showed that people who start their dinner with a salad cut their calorie intake by up to 12 percent per meal. Your salad can include mango salad, avocado, and Raspberry.This is a simple way of how to eat to lose weight.
Lean protein

As earlier discussed it’s important for one to include proteins in your meals. Sources of protein can include fish, beans, pork, chicken, and beef. Lean meat helps one build a lean body mass thus shedding off weight. It is also important to take small amounts of meat.
Whole grain

Whole grains should always constitute at least half of your meal. Whole grains are energy giving foods hence they are required in plenty by the body. Choosing whole grains would be a good idea since they contain wholesome nutrients. Whole grain foods include brown rice and quinoa. Wholesome grains are sources of fiber and healthy foods for weight loss.

4. Warm water
Water cannot miss in the best diet to lose weight quickly. Water is important in digestion and hydration of the body. In fact, one should take at least eight glasses of water per day. Water is a crucial component in every diet on how to eat to lose weight.

This has been my diet plan for the last two years, and I have to say that I have my dream body size and weight. I would like you to try my diet and stick to it for maximum results.Get rest assured that you will not be disappointed.


5. E-Factor Diet Plan;

Apart from this lose weight fast diet plan I used the program that was mentioned in the Oprah Winfrey show. It is one of the best E- Factor Diet plan. It guides you step by step on how to eat to lose weight. This program not only gives you choices on other diets plans but also gives insight into the nutritional value of various foods.

About the program

The E-factor diet plan and weight loss
The E factor diet plan has been authored by John Rowley, a fitness coach and renowned nutritionist. He is the author of other very successful weight loss programs like Old school new body; another lose weight fast diet plan and the power of positive fitness. John Rowley has been in various TV shows such as US News, PBS, Martha Stewart Show, Oprah Winfrey Show and Fox News.

John Rowley and weight loss


I believe you followed my  brief and simple guidelines on how to eat to lose weight which have had tremendous impact on weight loss. Are you willing to take the bold path I decided to follow two years ago? Today, my body shape has boosted my self esteem to levels I would have never imagined. The ball is in your court, and it is upon you to take charge of your life. I recommended to you the  E factor diet plan which I strongly believe will give you a breakthrough in weight loss.