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Do you know that you can shed off excess weight and body fat through regular yoga practice? Does yoga help you lose weight? Many Yoga poses (asanas) firm up and strengthens your muscles, which in turn burn excess fat. Additionally, performing intense flow and active styles like Jivamukti, Ashtanga or Vinyasa assist in burning fat and increasing your endurance. Can you lose weight doing yoga? Below are the steps you should observe if you want to lose weight with yoga or just doing the general yoga routines.

Part 1: How to lose weight with yoga.

1.Can you lose weight doing yoga through Warm up?

If you’re committed to energetic yoga styles to reduce fat, it is essential to warm up first. Doing sun salutations called Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, can efficiently prepare your muscles and mind to handle this yoga while aiding your body reduce fat.

  •  There are three different variations of sun salutations. Do this for 2-3 rounds to warm up. Do basic exercises to involve your body more and condition your muscles before starting your Yoga styles.
  •  It’s also advisable to do a sun salutation in between poses to combine more flows and challenge into your mind and body.

2. Include different yoga poses for weight loss.

how to lose weight with yoga

By this, I don’t mean you should know or try every asana out there in existence. It is encouraged that you should at least try a variety of poses in your practice of how to lose weight with yoga. Don’t just stick to what makes you feel comfortable. You won’t get bored, and these different routines will help you lose fat. Can you lose weight doing yoga with these poses?

  •  Start out with the easier asanas and proceed to the most difficult ones like Extended Triangle Pose as you master the poses.
  •  Do the asanas from each pose in the order of standing poses, inversions, back bends, and finish with forward bends.
  •  You can incorporate a twisting pose to counterbalance the stretch on your spine between back bends and forward bends if you wish.
  •  Standing poses like Tree pose engage the legs, butt, and back muscles. With time, you can incorporate more challenging standing poses like the Revolved Triangle Pose.
  •  Include inversions to engage your arms, back, and abdominal muscles with poses like Handstand. You can try the Handstand on a wall until you can hold yourself up.
  •  Finish your active practice with closing poses like fish pose and legs up the wall pose. These poses not only engage the muscles of your back, butt, arms, abdominal, and legs but also calm your mind.

There exist many yoga poses for weight loss to choose from that you can do. Try them and you will enjoy the benefits of your yoga session.

3. Add a flowing sequence between poses.

You can add a flowing series in between your yoga poses for weight loss to increase the fat burning benefits of Yoga. It is referred to as “taking a vinyasa.” It involves adding three concrete flowing poses in between other asanas, which can help keep the rhythm of your practice.

  •  It is a much more difficult series than simply jumping into asanas, but it has the advantage of more stretching and strength training.
  •  Starting in whichever asana you choose and incorporate these series between the poses.
  •  Inhale and exhale progressively for as long as you like.

4. Increase the time of your practice.

yoga poses for weight loss

Extend your Yoga practice duration by maintaining each pose for a longer period. Include some additional series in between and challenge yourself to more tough poses. However, this should be within your safe limits to avoid injury to self.

  •  The majority of yoga classes last for about 60 to 90 minutes, so you can fix your practice around the same time. Can you lose weight doing yoga at this stage? Find out today.

5. Intensify the frequency of your practice.

One of the finest ways of how to lose weight with yoga is by extending your yoga practice to burn calories and fat by increasing your days of practice. It is safe to do yoga for up to 5-7 days per week. By now can you lose weight doing yoga? Consider adding yoga to your daily routine for your benefit.

6. Enhance your metabolism through yogic breathing.

Yogic breathing (pranayama) is the principal skills in any yoga practice. Focus on your breathing to deepen your asana practice, tune your body, and improve your metabolism.

  • Pranayama helps your body distribute oxygen throughout your body. The intended goal is for you to breathe deeply by inhaling and exhaling wholly and in a balanced way through your nose. You can inhale for four breaths, hold two counts, and then exhale completely for four breaths. It can vary according to your ability.
  •  To get the best out of your yogic breathing, sit upright shoulders at the back but refrain from slouching. Can you lose weight doing yoga through Pranayama? Start by breathing slowly and evenly by focusing from your stomach, drawing your belly inwards to enlarge your lungs and rib cage.

Part 2: Yoga weight loss program.

7.Can you lose weight doing yoga? Try Shapeshifter Yoga Program.

 Shapeshifter yoga download

In simple terms, the Shapeshifter Yoga program is the innovative weight loss and fat burning package that gives you unlimited guidance and access on how to lose weight with yoga through its plans and routines.
Kris Fondran, who has a certified Master’s degree in Exercise Science, and twelve years of experience in this field is the creator of the program. She designed the Shapeshifter Yoga program in unique scientific Yoga moves and techniques to help you restructure your figure and enjoy the many other benefits of a healthy yoga routine like improved stamina and flexibility.
To clearly illustrate all the advantages of a healthy yoga routine and when can you lose weight doing yoga. Take note of them, inside the ShapeShifter Yoga system . Kris offers videos and audio and guides support to help you master the art of Yoga and how to lose weight with yoga.

Here are some of the core features you find in the ShapeShifter Yoga package:

  • Yoga Quick Start Manual. You find a guide to all the skills and techniques you should master to maintain naturally a healthy figure and positive attitude and take control of your stress levels.
  •  Yoga Pose Video Library. Kris Fondran gives you the step-by-step instructions to correctly and efficiently execute all the yoga poses for weight loss in her ShapeShifter Yoga program.
  •  Yoga Program Video. There is a compilation of all the specialized yoga poses she incorporated in her ShapeShifter Yoga program. This video session can be done at a go or in segments making it adaptable to your schedule.
  •  The Manual of Shapeshifter Yoga Poses. It is the place where you get all information needed to master the skills and techniques in the ShapeShifter Yoga program’s video library.
  •  The audio package provides extra helpful resources on technique execution and specific yoga movements in the ShapeShifter Yoga program. It also has valuable information on meditation practice.

Main Pros

  •  Provides many benefits and answers of how can you lose weight doing yoga apart from weight loss. It helps you improve your flexibility, you become less prone to injuries, and you maintain the correct posture.
  •  It is designed ended by a Yoga expert. Kris Fondran is a guru in the field of Exercise Physiology and has practiced and taught yoga for over a decade making her an authority in her field. Can you lose weight doing yoga with her program? Take up the challenge.
  •  It is flexible to fit a busy routine. It was created taking into consideration the many demands of the modern woman.
  •  It is suitable for all skill levels starting from the newbie to the experienced Yogi.
  •  A full refund guarantee is on offer for the first 60 days period.


  •  It depends on the user’s commitment to the program on how to lose weight with yoga.
  •  It is only available in Digital Downloadable version. So far, the package is available in a downloadable format and not a physical object. However, you own 100% rights to your copy.


The Shapeshifter Yoga package by Kris Fondran is an inspiring and impressive program. It offers solutions for weight loss and other health benefits.
Can you lose weight doing yoga by following the Shapeshifter Yoga program? If you are considering to get a complete yoga program to help you lose weight, relieve stress and improve your overall body health, the Shapeshifter Yoga system will be a great choice for you.

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