Best Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes experts have long deduced that one important step in diabetes prevention and management will replace refined, simple sugars in your diet with complex sources of whole grains. A recent study supports this assertion. The study included nearly 200,000 men, and women showed that eating brown rice may reduce the chances of developing diabetes by 16%, and other whole grains can reduce your chances even further. The whole grains contain the best diet for type 2 diabetes.

Another recent study showed that breakfast rich in foods, such as oatmeal and brown rice, can work to prevent blood sugar spikes throughout the day. Whole grains are good sources of fiber, which can help slow the absorption of glucose into the blood. They also contain essential loads of vitamins and minerals, making them a better choice than refined carbohydrates in people with type 2 diabetes. Some of the best diet for type 2 diabetes whole grains includes:

Brown rice

Studies indicate that eating, at least, five servings of white rice on a weekly basis lead to increased risk of diabetes. Conversely, consuming only two servings of brown rice is one of the best diet for type 2 diabetes each week resulted in a lower risk. It’s as easy as it sounds: These findings show that by replacing approximately one-third of the daily dose of white rice with brown rice would lead to a 16% reduction in the risk of the general type 2 diabetes.


Oats are among the best diet for type 2 diabetes and a popular choice for a whole-grain diabetic diet, because they are easy to include in your breakfast routine. According to the US Department of Agriculture, half a cup of cooked oatmeal in the morning corresponds to the one-ounce serving of whole grains. Many experts suggest the steel-cut oats that leave whole grains intact.


Diabetes experts point that other whole grains such as bulgur play a similar role in diabetes diet when consumed in place of simple, refined carbohydrates. In fact, the studies deduce that replacing white rice with whole grains could potentially reduce the chance of getting diabetes by as much as 36%.


diabetes type 2 control with whole grains

Quinoa is another good food. It is such a delicious side dish. While quinoa is common whole grain, it has highly nutritious seeds, which are rich in protein and fiber. In addition to slowing the rise in blood sugar, the fiber in quinoa and other whole grains helps as soluble fiber adds bulk to your diet, increasing your satiety. Appetite control is necessary to keep you conscious calorie diabetes diet.


Choose buckwheat flour rather than white flour for baking. You can get a big boost of their soluble fiber content, an important aspect of a diabetic diet. The main benefit of the fiber soluble is its ability to help regulate blood glucose levels. It slows down the rate of glucose metabolism and absorption from the gut, making it one of the best diet for type 2 diabetes.


 You may not be very familiar with millet though you’ve probably seen the main ingredient in birdseed. When cooked, this little grain is rated among the best diet for type 2 diabetes. Robyn Webb, MS, food editor of Diabetes Forecast magazine and author of 13 cookbooks published by the American Diabetes Association, give it the nod to its high fiber content. Whole grains such as millet help, because they provide fiber and has little to no fat. It’s also heart-friendly.

Wheat Berries

 Wheat berries are just the whole, unrefined kernels of wheat, that round off the list of tasty whole grains. You can prepare healthy and tasty dishes with whole grains. Cook them as side dishes, serve them for breakfast like oatmeal and top with a hint of nuts and berries, or toss them in your salads nutty accents.  Get your serving of the best diet for type 2 diabetes. Enjoy eating your healthy diet and keeping diabetes type 2 in control!