12 simple ways of How to prevent hair loss in men

Hair loss ranks high among the most common problems in the world today. It affects one-third of the population this including both men and women. You at least lose 100 hairs every day but this is a natural phenomenon, so there is no need to worry over this. What should concern you is premature thinning of your hairline. Many causes play a part in hair loss including age, genetics, illnesses, menopause, diet, stress, use of harmful chemicals, and medication and mineral deficiency among others. It is not wise to use chemicals to stop hair loss as it may worsen the situation. Your next question might be then how do I prevent hair loss? Below is a list of the most effective ways to stop hair loss naturally and regrow hair. These are safe, inexpensive ways on how to prevent hair loss in men that are simple to do at home.

1. Wash your hair with mild hair loss shampoo for men regularly.


hair loss shampoo for men

Washing your hair with hair loss shampoo for men prevents hair loss as it keeps the hair and scalp clean. It lowers the risk of dandruff and infections that cause breakage of hair leading to hair loss. Be keen to use mild shampoo for hair loss as harsh ones can irritate your scalp worsening your condition. Furthermore, clean hair gives the impression of more hair volume.

2.Vitamins to stop hair loss.

Besides giving you a healthy body, Vitamins are also good for your hair. Vitamin A boosts a strong production of sebum in your scalp providing a way on how to regrow hair naturally. Vitamin E improves blood circulation to your scalp to helping hair follicles remain productive while Vitamin B ensures that hair maintains its normal color. Vitamins to use on how to prevent hair loss in men are available in the market.

 3.Massage your scalp with essential oils.

If you have undergoing hair loss, you should consider massaging your scalp with essential oil like sesame oil and almond oil mixed with lavender for some minutes. It will help your hair follicles stay active

4. Stop brushing wet hair.
Hair is at usually its weakest when wet and so brushing it at this state increases the chances of hair loss. Compress wet hair with a towel to get rid of excess water but don’t wrench it. However, if you must comb hair when it is wet, you should use a wide toothed comb. You should also minimize the times you brush your hair as doing so frequently will lead hair breakage that is a major setback on how to prevent hair loss in men.Untangle your hair with fingers, not Combs.

5. Avoid stress.

how to prevent hair loss in men

Scientific studies have linked stress with hair loss. There are many ways to De-stress for example by practicing meditation and yoga among other therapies of how to prevent hair loss in men. They curb not only stress but also the restore hormonal balance in your body. Hormonal imbalance is one of the factors that may lead to hair loss.

6. Keep your head sweat free.
Men, especially those with oily hair, tend to get dandruff in the summer as a result of sweating. Use shampoos with aloe Vera to prevent dandruff and keep your head cool. When sweat accumulates in the pores, it tends to weaken the hair roots leading to hair loss. Try wearing a headband over your hair as it can prevent hair loss. It is one of the basic ways on how to prevent hair loss in men you can try out.

7. Keep away from chemicals.
Applying harsh chemicals and permanent hair color to your hair can have devastating effects on your hair health. If you experience hair loss, it is highly advised to keep off chemicals and hair colors.

8. Avoid constant drying and heating drying of hair.
Subjecting your hair to constant heat and drying procedures weakens it making it fragile and easy to break by weakening the hair proteins. The result of this is that hair follicles become unproductive eventually causing hair loss. Minimal heat treatment is a way of how to prevent hair loss in men that is advised by hair specialists.

9. Be advised before taking on medications.
Certain drugs have dangerous side-effects on hair. Consult with your doctor on how to prevent hair loss in men particularly your case before they prescribe your medication. He/ she might advise you on what to take or avoid.

10. Treat your hair with saw palmetto.
Native Americans are known to use saw palmetto for their hair and skin. Saw palmetto reduce the making of DHT (Dihydro-testosterone) in the body. DHT production causes hair loss, so Saw palmetto is good for your hair. Try Saw Palmetto as a way of how to prevent hair loss in men and you will be amazed at the results. Don’t the Native Americans have fabulous silky hair?

11. Watch how you style your hair.
If you have been losing your hair lately, try loosening it up a bit. Some hairstyles like braid and ponytails tug at your hair roots to much weakening them eventually causing baldness. Artificial hairstyles, wigs, and hairpieces also damage your hair follicles although they seem like nice cosmetic solutions to hair loss. Simple hairstyles are an easy method of how to prevent hair loss in men that you should regularly try.

12. Hair Loss Protocol

stop hair loss naturally and regrow hair

Hair Loss Protocol is a relatively new hair loss treatment program created by Jared Gates, who has been a health researcher for years. The program works on a 100% natural but scientifically proven method that has changed the lives many people around the world. Remember I told you that you should avoid chemical solutions to hair loss. So here is a natural answer of how to prevent hair loss in men that you should consider trying.
The primary cause of hair loss is a hormone called DHT (Dihydro-testosterone). It loosens the hair roots making them fall off at the slightest disturbance. It also inhibits new hairs from growing by blocking your hair follicles.
The Hair Loss Protocol package works in preventing the hair loss by counteracting the DHT hormone. It also unclogs hair follicles enabling regrowth of hair.
Being a natural solution, the program works through a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients contained in the special meal plan that is included. It promises to reverse your hair loss process, and you will start seeing results within 3-4 weeks.

What Does It Include?
The program is developed from natural scientifically proven information on the causes and solutions to hair loss plus a couple tips and suggestions on how to stop hair loss naturally and regrow hair in a few weeks.
Hair Loss Protocol comprises of the main component, which is available as an E-book that is easy to follow and understand. As such you can start right away after downloading it. It contains information about hair loss and its main causes and, of course, a step by step guide how to reverse it. It also has ways on how to prevent hair loss in women as well.

Benefits of the Hair Loss Protocol.
• It is a step by step guide that is simple to understand and follow.
• Fast results, already within three to four weeks.
• The program is simple and requires no drastic lifestyle changes.
• The program is completely natural and works on a scientifically proven information.
• It improves general body health.
• Very cheap – 32 dollars.
• Risk-free. Has a 60-day money back guarantee.
• No side effects.

There are many health conditions like skin-related conditions that lead to hair loss. Consult with a doctor for further advice if need be. Sure you can try remedies like grafting and other surgical methods but these always have an underlying risk and are overly expensive. Hair Loss Protocol is an amazing package for those who seek a natural hair loss remedy without any side effects. The best treatment for hair loss is in this program that is simple to follow, affordable, and you need not make any drastic changes in your lifestyle. Besides, it has 60-day money back guarantee, and the most important is that it has turned around lives of many people all around the world by giving them tips on how to prevent hair loss in men. Be the next.