10 Tomatoes Health Benefits

Do you love them? If you don’t, better start getting your priorities right on this fantastic low-calorie vegetable fruit. Tomatoes have several nutrients that are very beneficial to health. They contain vitamin E, A, C, K, minerals and antioxidants that can keep you healthy and fit. Tomatoes health benefits of tomato include:


tomatoes and strong bones

The vitamin K and calcium present in the tomatoes can help you bone health. Lycopene in tomatoes improves bone mass, the fight against osteoporosis. Tomatoes consumption regularly decreases TNF-alpha levels in the blood of 34%. Lycopene deficiency can increase oxidative stress in the bone and bring dangerous changes in your tissues. You can avoid these issues at bay by eating tomatoes regularly. Make tomato soup and get nutritious tomatoes health benefits

2. Cardiovascular Health:

High levels of vitamin C tomatoes offer an arterial protection. It strengthens the heart and protects against diseases such as blocked arteries and stroke. It reduces fat deposition in blood vessels, which lowers bad cholesterol. Tomatoes also prevent clumping of platelets in the blood. Tomatoes are foods that improve circulation of your blood.

3. Lycopene health benefits:

As previously mentioned, the tomatoes are packed with lycopene, the pigment that gives the fruit color. Ripe tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene. Lycopene neutralizes the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, a molecule that causes aging. A diet rich in lycopene may also help fight against chronic diseases and stroke. Lycopene in tomatoes is enough to keep your body youthful and healthy. Tomatoes are good for skin. Try to make tomato juice diet for a healthy glowing skin.

4.Blood Circulation:

Tomatoes health benefits are numerous as they are also among the foods that improve circulation of blood.

Selenium in the tomatoes promotes blood circulation, prevent anemia. One of the incredible benefits of tomatoes!  A serving of tomatoes provides seven micro-grams of selenium, an amount of 11% of the recommended daily intake.

5.Mental health:

The high concentrations of potassium in tomatoes boost the nervous system. Potassium aids in the transmission of nerve signals and makes tomatoes one of the best foods for mental health. All this ensures that your mental health is in top notch.

6.Tomato vitamins.

Tomatoes health benefits mainly come from its excellent sources of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is necessary for the development of tissues. It activates genes newborn cells, helping to grow a mature tissue. It is also a good vitamin for the eyes. Two medium size tomatoes provide 16% of the recommended daily value of vitamin A. Vitamin C is needed to maintain healthy ligaments and tendons. They provide 20% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. So, tomatoes a day can certainly help to keep the body healthy!

7.Fruit for Weight loss?

tomatoes and weight loss

Tomato is a low carb diet food and especially when prepared with olive oil can easily reduce your weight. They are super fruits for those who are on a weight loss diet. Tomatoes are rich in water and fiber to keep you full for longer. Diet experts recommend tomatoes for burning off calories and fat deposits in the body. You can also prepare tomato juice for diet weight loss.  This is certainly a nutritious way to lose weight, right?

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8.Lycopene and prostate cancer:

Tomatoes belong to lycopene foods that prevent cancer.

Tomatoes contain antioxidants like lycopene and carotenoids, which can help avoid the risk of prostate cancer. The high levels of antioxidants in tomatoes reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Consumption of tomatoes on a regular basis can help prevent not only prostate cancer but also checks and protects you from breast, stomach and colon cancer.

9.Male fertility:

Tomatoes health benefits are not only limited to your body health. Tomatoes can greatly improve your relationships. Scientific studies indicate that daily consumption of tomatoes can boost fertility in men. Lycopene in tomatoes can turn sperm into super-sperm! In a research conducted by a University of Portsmouth, six healthy men were asked to consume tomato soup daily for two weeks. The results showed a definite increase in their sperm count. Tomatoes also help to trap free radicals, which can cause infertility in women. If you are trying to conceive, incorporate tomato soup to your diet!


Are tomatoes good for diabetics?

Tomatoes can be a significant boost to the diet of diabetic patients. It contains chromium, a mineral that aids in regulating blood sugar levels. Their low carb diet levels do not raise the blood sugar levels.

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