How to Lose Weight at Home Fast-5 ways

how to lose weight at home fast


Weight loss information on the net is so immense that getting hold of an appropriate program is quite an enormous task. Much of what some of the programs recommend is questionable. But do you know that with a scientifically proven program, you can easily achieve how to lose weight at home fast? Losing weight can be easy and enjoyable. And at the same time, it can be frustrating if you are not tilting the scale downwards.

Most people fail to succeed in losing weight because they give up too soon when desirable results are not seen quickly. Getting a good program is one thing, but being committed and accountable to the program is another, for effective weight loss.

What are ground rules for you to succeed in losing weight?

  1. Stick to healthy diet

healthy diet and losing weight

Let vegetables and proteins form 2/3 of your diet and 1/3 to be the low carbs (whole grains).

Why do I recommend vegetables and whole grains on how to lose weight at home fast?

This is one of the best thing you can do to become healthier by basing your diet on whole grain foods, veggies, and fruits.

They help you not to indulge in the vast majority of fast foods that have added sugar, and fat that leads to being overweight.

Most whole foods and veggies are naturally filling, making it possible to keep within healthy calorie limits.

Besides, eating whole foods gives your body the much needed nutrients for better functioning of your body mechanisms.

Why proteins useful in losing weight?

High protein diets are known to boost metabolism by 80- 100% calories a day. They take longer to digest, metabolize, and use and this makes you burn more calories when processing them.

They last the longest in the stomach, making you feel full for a longer time.

A study in a Nutrition metabolism Magazine showed that people who increased proteins consumption by 30% of their diet ate almost 450 lesser calories and subsequently lost 11 pounds in the 12-week study duration. And this was without applying other dietary measures.

How much protein do you need on how to lose weight at home fast?

It depends on age, gender, weight and your state of health. Adults need 3 servings of proteins daily (65 grams)

Which foods offer the best proteins?

Plant proteins such as nuts, soy and legumes have loads of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fiber. The best animal proteins are skinless chicken, fish, eggs, and lean cuts of the red meat. Limit the intake of full-fat dairy and  especially the processed meat like bacon, ham, and sausages.

Most importantly;

For you to achieve how to lose weight at home fast, a healthy balanced diet consisting of proteins, low carbs, veggies and fruits are essential.

  1. Do cardio exercises

Losing weight using exercises

You do not need to go to a gym to lose weight. You can engage in away from the gym exercises and still accomplish how to lose weight at home fast. As long as you exercise for at least 30 minutes, you can burn calories by power walking, jogging, climb the stairs, and running.

Better results can occur if these workouts are carried out in the early morning. 


You burn more calories all the day long. It’s like how a healthy breakfast gets your metabolism going smoothly. A study carried out at Appalachian State University found that early morning workouts trigger a better night’s rest. Furthermore, it has been shown that if your workouts are in the morning, you are likely to be more consistent in your workout sessions.

Apart from helping you on how to lose weight at home fast and cutting the belly fat in your mid-section, cardio workouts minimize your risks of getting heart diseases, and many common lifestyle diseases.  So they not only improve your physique but also boost your health.

Inclusion of Resistance Exercise has many benefits such as;

  • Prevent loss of muscle mass which can reduce the burning of calories.
  • You will lose more body fat due to increase of muscle.
  • You will gain strength and develop muscle tone (women).
  • Decrease your risk of less bone mineral density  (osteoporosis).
  • Your chances of developing back pain arthritis are reduced.
  • Reduced risk of Diabetes.
  • Improved positive attitude and reduced chances of depression. (A study at Harvard University showed that 10 weeks of resistance exercises lowered clinical depression signs more than standard counseling!

Dumbbells are very effective in building and muscle toning, and a pair of them is quite affordable.

They are popular on how to lose weight at home fast. You can do favorite exercises with dumbbells at home like The windmill, Bent Press, Straddle press, and Bottom-up press.

  1. Get enough sleep

losing weight through sleep

Statistics on sleep have shown that there is a correlation between the increased weight gain levels and the reduced sleeping hours in the US today. About 40% of adults get six hours and less according to Gallup survey. Lack of sleep can trigger imbalance in the body’s system which tends to prevent the burning of the body’s fats, creating a loophole. The result is increase of weight levels. A study at Columbia University found that sleeping less than the standard 8 hours leads to gradual heaviness and losing weight becomes quite difficult.

Notwithstanding, sleep has many benefits in addition to optimizing on how to lose weight at home fast.

  • Longer sleeping period reduces your chances of indulging in late-night snacking. The longer you are awake, the trickier it is to consume late night snacks leading to additional pounds.
  • Sleep has the capacity of reducing your belly fat as it reduces stress by lowering cortisol hormones levels that make your body store abdominal fat.
  • It gives you the much-needed energy that you need to start a new day. You feel refreshed and ready to start a day on a positive note.

Drawbacks of lack of sleep

  • Lack of sleep reduces your mental clarity, which leads to making  less-informed decisions.
  • Habitual lack of sleep has been known to trigger high blood pressure.

Get a good night sleep (7-8 hours minimum) and attain not only how to lose weight at home but also a healthy you.

  1. Drink water and lose weight

 lose weight by drinking water

Water is an integral component when it comes to losing weight.

Do not downplay the 8-glass daily rule.

Water,  apart from being the natural cleanser of all times,  accelerates weight loss by increasing the number of calories you burn (resting energy expenditure). This resting energy expenditure has been shown to increase by almost 30% within 10 minutes of drinking water and can last for 60 minutes.

One study showed overweight women who increased water intake to one liter daily resulted to 4.4lbs weight loss over a 12 month period, yet the women didn’t make any other lifestyle change. The results can be more impressive if you drink cold water as your body uses more calories to have it warmed to your body temperature.

Take plain water and if you are a poor drinker like me, add some drops of lemon juice to give it taste.

If you must take juices, always take them in moderation. Some of the juices may appear healthy to you but more often than not contain so much sugar.

Do you know natural sugars could be fattening when consumed in large quantities? Herbal and green teas are excellent drinks as they have been proven to contain several antioxidants that can help to stay healthy and achieve how to lose weight at home fast.

5. How to lose weight at home fast with the 3-week diet plan.

Do you have to go to the gym to lose weight?No, You can lose weight at the comfort of your home. And it is easy.
Have you heard about the 3 weeks diet?



3 weeks diet program and weight loss

It is an amazing new system that is helping many to shed off those excessive fatty pounds.
My trainer recommended it to me when he saw the many hours in the gym were not working for me.
He was frank and told me that sometimes exercises alone do not work for everybody. And he was correct. My endless sessions in the gym made me lose a maximum of 5 pounds in a whole month!

With the 3 weeks diet, you do not have to go to the gym. The simply incorporated exercises are done at your home.
The program worked for me.
In two weeks only, I lost 17 pounds!


  • The Program is scientifically proven.
  • Has facts on why you lose and gain weight.
  • It guides you on how to keep the weight off after you are done with the Program
  • Gives fast and long lasting results in 21 days only.You achieve how to lose weight at your home fast.
  • You don’t have to go to the gym!
  • The program is Easy to follow – Just follow the well-guided steps and start losing weight fast.
  • It is pocket-friendly, the program costs so little in comparison to the money paid to gyms, and costly pills that do not work!
  • And there is the 100% money back guarantee if the Program doesn’t work for you.

The author is highly rated in the area of weight loss due to the successful feedback of his Program.


  • The program is in digital format. This can be a set-back if you have no Internet access.
  • You have to commit yourself to the Program to achieve how to lose weight at home fast.


Overall the program is good. It is not a magical pill though, and you have to follow the program guidelines. But at the end of it all, you will be happy that you took the best option to lose weight. Sometimes failure to act decisively is in our mindset. In the beginning, when my trainer recommended the program, I was very doubtful. Today I’m glad that I made the right choice. The program  helped me learn how to lose weight at home fast in a safe way.
Click here to go to the official website and learn more about the 3 Weeks Diet Program.



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